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We were so happy that we used Carl to find our home. He was so knowledgeable about the market in the areas that we were interested in and his experience doing home renovations was extremely valuable to us. Carl was able to point out things that most people would overlook when purchasing a house, and he was able to advise on how much it would cost to fix problems or bring it up to code. When we were in a house, he took the time to investigate in every nook and cranny and would educate us on what to look for. Carl was very professional and a pleasure to work with. We very highly recommend him.

Natalie & Erik    May 1, 2017    Winnipeg, Manitoba   

A testimonial on Twitter!

seanwalberg ‏@seanwalberg Nov 12

My house sale closes today. Big shout out to @CarlSeier who did a ton of work and brought in multiple offers.

Len Goldenstein ‏@lengoldenstein Nov 12
@seanwalberg that was pretty quick. Hope it’s a big relief.

Carl Seier ‏@CarlSeier Nov 12
@seanwalberg thanks for your kind words

seanwalberg ‏@seanwalberg Nov 12

@lengoldenstein you don't know the half of it!

@seanwalberg @CarlSeier congrats Sean

Sean Walberg    December 10, 2015    Virginia   

My fiancee and I just bought our first home. Being first time home buyers, we were naive in the ways of real estate. We started out with a different agent who we thought was doing an okay job of helping us. But then we met Carl, and realized that the first agent was not looking out for our best interests! The first agent:
1) in three of four viewings, showed us his own listings
-- he just wanted double-commission
2) didn't provide any commentary on the houses we viewed
-- a yes-man who talked up any feature we liked
3) always seemed too busy with more important clients
4) was eager to write offers, and didn't try to talk us out of paying too much

In contrast, when we switched to Carl things got a LOT better. Carl:
1) helped us target properties that were more suitable for our situation
2) pointed out every flaw he could see that would cost us more money to fix
3) always had time for us
4) helped us find a great deal
-- we got a sturdy home for less than the list price
-- Carl and the listing agent even took a hit on commission to help us make the deal happen

Carl genuinely wants to help people, and he works very hard for his clients. Thank you very much Carl!

Kane Anderson    May 5, 2015    Winnipeg, MB   

I don't give up easily. And neither did Carl. He sold our house during a suddenly and unpredictably soft market. We really didn't wait that long but for us both it seemed an eternity. You see, our family is very complicating. In a way that most families will fortunately never experience. Carl knew of our situation from the start and still wanted to help us. He made the process of selling our house as easy as he possibly could. And did he ever. Without hesitation. He definitely went beyond what I expected a Real Estate Agent would do. When I tell others what he did the best reaction was, "he has an angle". And yes, I think he does. I had sleepless nights and I was told that he did too. He truly wanted not to disappoint me and my family. And he didn't. In the end he didn't merely sell our house, he helped us find a new life.

Marney Stapley    October 23, 2014    Winnipeg   

As you can all see - my husband the artist is quite passionate. From a pragmatist's perspective: Carl Seier got my attention when I read this blog.

We contacted Carl late May/early June. Carl immediately got to work. We were informed as to how we were positioned, how we should be positioned and when and how we should be doing what.

Carl is one of the best realtors we have ever used. One piece of advice is "Listen to what he tell you, and follow the plan"Carl also rolled up his sleeves and helped us with staging our home and worked with us with regards to showing and the open house.

Within one week of showing and a day after the open house - a day of torrential rain which followed a week of inclement weather - we received an unconditional offer on our house for more or less our asking price. What more is there to say other than "Thank you Carl."!!!

RECAP: Within one month of contacting Carl and within a week of showing and within a day of the Open House - we received an unconditional offer for our asking price.

If you're selling you should read this blog and do what is suggested and once you have checked all the boxes you should be calling Carl. If you are buying, find out what Carl is selling - then call.

Diane Grollé    July 3, 2014    Winnipeg    Website   

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